Plot Twist

I really don’t like goodbyes. They seem so final. So finished. So over. Like the period at the end of a sentence or chapter. What if I wasn’t ready for it to be over? What if I wasn’t ready to say goodbye to that person? 

As a dweller in possibility, I like the idea of an ellipses… a to be continued… a dot, dot, dot. It makes it feel like there’s more to the story and makes room for a potential plot twist. That moment in a story you can say, But, wait… it’s not over – There’s more!

I moved to Austin with pre-conceived ideas about the next chapter of my life…

That I would live in Texas the rest of my life. Period.

That my dance teaching days were over. Period.

That I would never direct another creative production. Period.

That I would meet and marry a Cowboy and have cute Cowboy and Cowgirl kids, live on a ranch or in an airstream, and live happily ever after. Exclamation point. (Haha)

I truly believed that’s how my story would unfold, but, wait… PLOT TWIST!


We experience life forward, but understand it backwards.


Tomorrow, I move (literally and figuratively) into another plot twist moment in my story… All of those pre-conceived ideas I had when I moved to Austin will be proven false.

I’m moving back to Virginia to re-claim my spiritual inheritance…

I’m pursuing the irrevocable call on my life to teach dance and create art through movement and any other means God wants me to…

I’m going all in with Lifehouse Church, a brand new church my brother is planting in the Newport News area in September of this year. Yet, again, another plot twist neither John or I ever saw coming…

But, this plot twist comes with some really sad see you laters… There are so many people that contributed to making my season in Austin one I will forever cherish… Wendi, Curtiss, Sande, Rachel, Alaina, Michelle, Todd, Linda, Tod, Lori, Jake, Rodney, Jill, Karen, Renee, Pastor David and Kathleen, Pastor Randy and Denise, the LifeAustin staff and like I said – so many more. Because of them, I have expanded my collection of handprints on my heart.


I know your past is broken… You can move on, it’s over now.  – Elevation Worship


When I think of Austin, I’ll think how it was a place of refuge. A place of healing. A place of transformation. That, and because of all the people I now know and love – it won’t be the last Austin sees of me. For sure.

So, until next time we meet again… keep it weird, Austin. And, I’ll keep being a Virginia girl with a Texas heart. I promise.

P.S. And, no – I didn’t find my Cowboy… But I did find a new level in my relationship with Jesus that I never knew existed. And, knowing Him like I know Him now, I prefer that over a Cowboy any day. Period.


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